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Savings Accounts

Regular savings from £1 upwards.

Regular savings form the basis for loans.

You must live or work within our common bond area of PA1, PA2 & PA3.

Low Cost Loans

Interest calculated at 17.458%

First loan is secured – savings only, when paid off fully.

Second loan can be double your savings.

Third loan can be three times your savings.

Download a Loan Application Form here.

Foxbar collection point

You can now find out about the many benefits in joining Gleniffer Credit Union and become a member at the:

Foxbar Rivers Community Building,

Spey Avenue, Paisley PA2 0PA.



Children's Accounts

Regular savings from £1 upwards.

Children can open an account themselves.

Normally, a relative will open account for a junior member and they are the trustee of the account until 18th birthday.

Loan Guidelines

Members must have a minimum of 12 weeks membership and have saved regularly before applying for a loan, however, loans equal to share value can be applied for at any time after 12 weeks. Loan application will take one week to process. First loan will be to the value of the member’s shares but on request may be exceeded by a small amount. This is to be repaid in full before applying for a second loan at no less than 8 weeks. Second loan shall be 2x shares. Members may apply for a top up loan, subject to status. Third and subsequent loans may be 3x shares. No loans to exceed the value of £3,000.00. Failure to comply with the terms of the loan agreement may jeopardise future loan application.  Download a Loan Application Form here.

Share Policy

The Credit Union requires a maximum of seven days for share withdrawals. Any member wishing to make a share withdrawal must do so in person and complete and sign a share withdrawal application. Any member wishing to make a share/loan transfer must complete an authorisation form. The Board of Directors may authorise the transfer of shares from members whose loan account is seriously in arrears. Any such action will be notified, in writing to the member seven days prior to the transaction being made. Members shares earn life assurance at no extra cost to the member, whereby every pound saved is matched with a pound of Life Assurance from the Credit Union for persons up to the age of 55 years old. Between 55 and 70 years of age the amount of insurance is calculated on a sliding scale, which ceases at the age of 70 years. Members retain this insurance as long as they keep money in the Credit Union.