hand putting money into the piggy bank

Save with Gleniffer Credit Union

Once you’ve opened an account with Gleniffer Credit Union, you need to save for at least 12 weeks before you can apply for a loan. You can save with as little as £1 and these savings form the basis for your loans.

In order to save with us, you need to live or work within the PA1, PA2 or PA3 postcode areas.

Child smiling at the camera

Children's Savings Accounts

If you’re looking to save for your children, nieces, nephews or anyone under the age of eighteen then you can do that with Gleniffer Credit Union. A relative will need to open the account for a junior member with this relative being the trustee of the account until the child reaches the age of 18 years old.

Christmas presents wrapped under the tree

Christmas Savings

Do you want a stress free Christmas? Why don’t you start saving now with Gleniffer Credit Union!

Open a Christmas account with us and it will be locked until the first week of November 2023, when the balance will then be paid into your nominated account.

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