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At Gleniffer Credit Union, we believe in...

  • People helping people
  • Ethical business practices
  • Supporting the community
  • Listening to members’ needs
  • Delivering an excellent service
  • Financial services being affordable and accessible
  • Making financial decisions in the interests of the members

The benefits of joining Gleniffer Credit Union...

  • An easy way to save
  • Promotes thrift
  • You get access to loans at a fair and reasonable rate of interest
  • Savings and loan repayments are tailored to suit your finances
  • Free life insurance for shares and loan balances
  • No hidden set-up charges or fees
  • Friendly local service
About Gleniffer Credit Union

Why do I need to save?

Your savings create the working capital of the Credit Union and this is used to make loans to members.

Borrowing & Repayments

The Loan Policy sets out the conditions that members have to comply with before they can borrow.

Gleniffer Credit Union charges 1.35% interest per month - an APR of 17.458% on the reducing loan balance.

You can borrow for anything that benefits you for example:- Christmas, holidays, DIY, bills, household goods, school clothes.

Subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

How Do I Join?

  • You need to live or work in Paisley and Linwood, postcode areas PA1, PA2 and PA3 and be over 18 years of age.
  • Show us two forms of identification to confirm your identity and address.
  • Pay a joining fee of £5 and thereafter an annual membership fee of £5.
  • Save what you can afford. In a credit union your savings are usually called “shares”.

When Can I Apply For A Loan?

  • Once you have saved for 12 weeks you can apply for your first loan up to the value of your shares.
  • After you have paid off your first loan you can apply for a second loan of up to double the amount you have in shares.
  • After you have paid off your second loan you can apply for a third loan. A third and any subsequent loan can be for three times the value of your shares up to a maximum of £3000.
  • Download a Loan Application Form here.